School board eyes April 2015 ballot for bond issue


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(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) – The Warrensburg R-6 Board of Education wants to take another shot at a bond issue to build and improve school facilities, but this time the board may be asking for a smaller amount.

The board met Tuesday to discuss options regarding a debt service levy increase. The measure has failed twice, first in April and again Aug. 5.

Now the board is considering an 8-cent levy increase, down from the 12-cent increase presented in previous elections. According to the board’s financial report, passing an 8-cent increase would not raise municipal taxes.

However, the board agreed to skip the November election. Board President Beth Rutt suggested postponing a final decision on the election until next spring.

“I think our discussion should lean more towards April at the soonest, not in November,” Rutt said. “So that gives us from now until January to have more informed discussion as far as going through the list we’ve been given tonight, looking at construction priorities, and getting costs updated.”

The board agreed to wait, and will have until Jan. 27, 2015, to explore possible construction projects with no tax increases, updated construction cost estimates, and submit a new bond proposal.

Ruth summarized the challenges the bond may face after the school went ahead with construction on a new entrance at Warrensburg High School to address safety improvements.

“We’re going to have to educate the public that some of the things we have done since the fail of the bond, that those are just temporary solutions,” she said. “That just means we reallocated money from one project to another, and that the needs we have are still there.”

The bond issue was designed to pay for a new entrance and 800-seat performing arts center at Warrensburg High School, build more classroom space at Warrensburg Middle School and improve the athletic field between Sterling Elementary and the middle school.

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One Response to School board eyes April 2015 ballot for bond issue

  1. Tracy Bartlett Reply

    August 26, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    To the Great People of Warrensburg, “No More”. That should be our motto whenever soemone finds it fitting to raise our taxes again. Need to secure a Building, Try locking the Doors. Need more class space, put it in writing and I will vote yes. Then if the funds are used for other purposes you can be brought up on chareges under miss use of funds. The grass is fine for a Football Field. Many have played on grass in the past and never had a problem with it. The Teachers got thier raise when most in the United States have not seen a raise in pay roll in five years. Wake up Warrensburg, Take a stand and close that open check book the School Board is running on.Vote No in the Spring of 2015.

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