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To contact the Muleskinner/digitalBURG, send an email to muleskinner@ucmo.edu or call 660-543-4050.

To contact the advertising department, send an email to muleskinnerads@ucmo.edu or call 660-543-4051

digitalBURG.com is the Warrensburg community news service of the Muleskinner, the student newspaper at the University of Central Missouri.

digitalBURG.com was created by Warrensburg businessman and UCM graduate Ben Pierce, who employed mostly UCM journalism students. He closed it in the fall of 2005 and later donated it to the Muleskinner. We began publishing Sept. 24, 2006.

Matt Bird-Meyer is the adviser to the Muleskinner and digitalBURG. Contact him at bird-meyer@ucmo.edu or 660-238-5591.

We welcome contributions from our readers – story ideas, photos, letters, columns, announcements and news events, large and small.