City officials deal with cold weather issues


(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) – Winter challenges have come to Warrensburg with the latest bout of freezing temperatures.

While the cold has certainly kept many Warrensburg residents indoors, city workers have had to get out and respond to the problems caused by the cold and snowy weather.

Bad driving conditions are a major concern for the city. Warrensburg Police Department Records Clerk Dianne Coyle said police have responded to eight accident reports since Saturday, although no injuries were reported.

Director of Public Works Marvin Coleman said the biggest issue he’s facing is dealing with ice on the road.

“We can’t use salt at this point,” Coleman said. “Salt is really only effective to about 18 or 19 degrees, after that you just don’t get any melting going on. Once you get into the single digits, sand is all you can use to get some traction.”

Frozen pipes are also a concern in this kind of weather.

“Right now I’m heading down to South Holden to break up some ice,” Coleman said. “We had a residential water line break and flood out into the street. It’s like an ice skating rink right now.”

The safety of outdoor pets is another concern when the temperature gets this low.

Warrensburg Animal Control Officer Tim Stanfield said he gets calls every winter about animals out in the cold. However, he said local residents are responsible with their pets.

“We don’t have a major problem with it here in Warrensburg. Most people are real mindful of their pets, but of course there are exceptions,” Stanfield said.

“I haven’t had any calls yet, but I’m expecting probably one or two this morning to go check on an animal. Most of the time, it’s nothing. They see a dog outside and not the heated dog house around back, or don’t know that the animal is just outside for a few minutes to do its business. Folks in Warrensburg are pretty good about their animals.”

The National Weather Service forecast calls for a high today of 2 degrees and a low of -5, with the wind chill factor reaching -23 degrees. Tomorrow will warm up a bit, with temperatures expected to be a high of 25 degrees, with a low of 18.

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