Police review security footage after student’s death

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – More than two dozen shotgun shells were found in the vehicle of the high school senior who took his life in a parking lot near Maguire and Clark streets.

A 20-gauge pump shotgun was found in the green Ford Explorer that was driven by Kyle M. Wittrock, 18, on April 11. One spent shell was in the chamber with four live rounds were in the tubular magazine, according to a Warrensburg Police news release.

Police also recovered 21 live shells from Wittrock, a senior at Warrensburg High School, and three from the rear floorboard. A spent shell was found on the back seat. However, police say officers heard one shotgun blast, and there is no indication that a second round was fired in the high school parking lot or after Wittrock was stopped, according to the news release.

Wittrock died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Police reviewed the high school security cameras and saw Wittrock driving to different parts of the lot that morning.

He entered the north student lot before school started and pulled behind cars that were dropping off students at the north door. Wittrock backed up and drove to the west faculty lot close to Ridgview Drive and parked in a space for several minutes.

The Explorer then pulled up to the old main entrance of the school. A bus parked behind it and loaded students. Wittrock then drove to the north student lot and parked. That’s when a school employee observed a shotgun on Wittrock’s lap and notified an administrator, according to a news release.

Wittrock then left the parking lot and was eventually stopped behind the Classic Car Wash at Maguire and Clark streets. Officers waited for backup and soon heard a shotgun blast come from the vehicle.

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