Praise for WMMC

Dear editor,

I want to toot the horn for our local hospital a bit.

I have been on the board of directors for over two years now and I can tell you that if you are under the impression that “healthcare is better in the city” you might consider that WMMC has gone 24 months straight without any catheter associated blood stream infections and urinary catheter infections. WMMC’s Cesarean birth rate is lower than average which means that our doctors are more inclined to let nature take its course as it has for thousands of years. This is much better for the baby and the mother! WMMC gets glowing letters of praise from patients who are very happy with the wonderful treatment they received and as a result, WMMC ranks in the top 25 percent of satisfaction as reported by the Missouri Hospital Association. WMMC is working day in and day out to recruit talented healthcare professionals to our area so residents don’t have to drive to Kansas City for expert care. That is the logic behind the new medical office building being constructed on the east side of the campus.

Obamacare may or may not be the future of healthcare, but either way WMMC will be here facing the challenges with you when it comes to keeping you healthy and healing you when you need it. Over 450 of our friends and neighbors are working hard to get that done every day.

We have this wonderful resource in our midst and I am very proud to be serving on the board.

Kit Lindsay

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