Teacher stays in shape with local Crossfit


Teaching can be stressful and sedentary. To exercise and relieve stress, Warrensburg High School speech teacher Amy Bushmeyer has discovered Crossfit.

The exercise program uses every muscle group with a large variety of exercises in a supportive environment.

“You get to use your whole body in every workout,” Bushmeyer said. “Crossfit is all about functional movement and making your body function at its peak for all activities.”

A typical Crossfit workout includes three sections: Olympic lifting, Metcons, which includes box jumps, pull-ups, tire flipping, and agility balance and flexibility.

“Squats are also a big part of our workouts,” Bushmeyer said. “We emphasize squatting with our hips lower than our knees.”

Bushmeyer was introduced to Crossfit when her husband’s police squad decided they could perform more effectively if they were in better shape and started a class. Although her husband did not stay for the class, the instructor posted the workouts online and the Bushmeyers began working out each day after work in their backyard with their niece and her husband.

As their group grew, they moved their workouts to the back room at Central Family Pawn and eventually to a building on Enterprise Drive.

They currently offer six or seven classes each day along with yoga and lifting classes once per week.

Not only is Crossfit a great way for Bushmeyer to stay in shape, but she also gets to enjoy the camaraderie with others and set the example that being healthy is important for her children.

“It is addictive,” Bushmeyer said.

Bushmeyer encourages anyone interested in joining a Crossfit class to give it a chance.

“No one walks into a Crossfit gym being able to do everything,” she said. “I’ve been doing it for five years and there are still things I struggle with.”

Bushmeyer said she believes in the positive effect Crossfit can have on a person.

“Go for it and give it a try,” she said.

Jamie Embrey is a Warrensburg High School student.

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