WPD arrest armed man near schools

by Leah Wankum

Managing Editor

An unidentified armed man was arrested Tuesday after fleeing an accident in the area near two local schools, according to the Warrensburg Police Department.

Tim Lowry, acting police chief, said a white male drove a truck off the road on state Route DD, and the truck had “a lot of ammunition” inside. The Muleskinner doesn’t know how much ammunition the police found in the truck. At approximately 3:05 p.m., Maple Grove Elementary and Warrensburg High School were put on lock down as a precautionary measure because the white male was unaccounted for, according to an email from Superintendent Scott Patrick.

“When the officers got there, a person was seen leaving the area in all black and headed toward the schools,” Lowry said. “And so we locked down the schools, set up a perimeter around the schools, around the area, and we were able to arrest an individual that was running in the woods by the schools.”

“In fact, he ran right into me. I saw this guy running and then I pulled around to the end of the housing development and he came running between the houses and didn’t see me, and we were right there together.”

Lowry said the male was in possession of a backpack that had three stolen handguns in it, and police found a loaded assault rifle the male had thrown down before he was apprehended.

“It was a good situation in the end because nobody got hurt, no shots fired,” Lowry said.

Both schools were locked down until approximately 3:25 p.m. when the police department gave the all-clear, according to Patrick’s email.

Warrensburg Police haven’t pressed charges as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, and they haven’t released the man’s name, age or hometown, or where he is being held.

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